Useful Information

Useful Information

Abacus Prospectus 2014-2015


Please could you ensure that your child collects the correct name from the
self-registration board when they come into the pre-school. Also could you
check that younger siblings are not removing name labels as they try to copy
big brother or sister. The board acts as a check as to who is in the building
before we have taken registration. Thank you.

It would be very helpful if you could name any coats or bags the children
bring into pre-school. Please could their snack box be named too. As the pre-school
supports Portsmouth’s initiative to promote healthy eating, we would prefer
you to provide a healthy snack for your child; such as fruit, cheese, sandwiches
or plain biscuits. No crisps or chocolate please.

General Notices

In the entrance hall, there is a small notice board with general information.
Also on the table beneath this notice board there are two files. One contains
all the policies and procedures and the other, which is named “the parents
information file” contains information on term dates, funding, past ofsted
reports, child seat regulations etc.

Inside the main hall there is a board displaying the activities the children
will be involved in during the week. There is also a photographic display
of all the staff who work at Abacus so that you can put a face to a name.

The church has raised some points and safety issues that we would like to
bring to your attention, these are as follows:

1. Please can we ask parents/carers not to let children swing or climb on
the white rails outside the church or at the entrance to the hall at any time.
It is the parents responsibility to watch their child/children while waiting
to enter Pre-school.

2. You are reminded that you are only allowed to leave cars in the car park
for the period of dropping off and picking up of your child/ren during Abacus
session times. Spaces at the end of the car park, which have been marked “R”
are not to be used. They are reserved, and paid for by hospital personnel
from Mondays – Fridays for emergency “on call” doctors.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.