We usually accept children into our main pre-school from 2 years 9 months, however will take them from 2 years 6 months.

Children will move from our 2 year old room onto the pre-school room at the appropriate age, but only after discussions with the parents.


Daily Routine

Our typical daily routine is as follows:                                                                                  

9.00         Children arrive  and go straight into free play. Registration is carried out at the door on arrival.

10.00       Tidy up / Carpet Time /Keyworker

10.30        Wash Hands /  Snack time

10.45        Free Play / Outside

11.30        Tidy up

11.40        2 groups for story and physical

11.50        Coats on ready for home time

12.00        Home time / Children arrive for afternoon / Wash Hands and Lunch Time

12.15        Free play/Outside

1.00         Tidy up / Carpet Time / Keyworker

1.55          Tidy up

2.00          Free play/Outside play

2.20          Wash hands/Snack Time

2.40          Story Time

2.50         Coats on ready for home time

3.00        Home time